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Welcome To My Tampa Cleaning Service it’s been our goal to provide our clients with the most efficient house cleaning in Tampa Bay. Here at MTCS, we are committed to ensuring our brand offers the most effective service for affordable rates. We provide general cleanings, bi-weekly bookings and monthly plans for all of our clients. You can now book your next appointment right on our website and sit back and relax, and we will handle everything else. Our availability gets booked up quickly so reserve your spot today! If so some reason your appointment is double booked, one of our reps will contact you within one business day to re-schedule. However, our bookings are first to come, first served. So please take the time to lock in your dates asap, for the best rates and flexibility that best suits your requirements. We are here to help if you have any questions, our customer service reps are on standby to help serve our amazing clients.



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Effective Tampa House Cleaning Services

The time that it takes to clean a house by a house cleaning service depends on some factors. Firstly it has to be considered if the cleaning is regular cleaning or a deep cleaning which would involve a more time-consuming approach. The second factor is the number of staff that has been allotted to the job. More the merrier, if you want to have your house cleaned quickly. Lastly, the tools that have been utilized to clean your home must also be taken into consideration. Their effectiveness and efficiency all decide how quick or delayed your house cleaning would take.

There is another underlying factor that also decides how long it would take to clean your house. Each home is different and the time taken to clean one house might be different from what it would take to clean another. The size of the house, the number of rooms that are present in the house, the condition of the house along with the amount of cleaning that it might require, number of inhabitants or pets in the house and the last time you had your home cleaned all decide the time that it might take to clean your house. All of these factors taken into consideration will give you an approximate time that a house cleaning service would take to clean your home thoroughly.

Microfiber cloths are brilliant tools when it comes to house cleaning. These tough fabrics have hooks and loops that help in collecting tricky dirt easily. They can be used both wet and dry and can be reused after use. Never use a fabric softener on this type of cloths.

Disinfectant wipes- These are the perfect tools to use when cleaning your kitchen or your bathroom. They can be used to clean countertops, slabs, sinks, and toilets easily and effortlessly. Their hygiene factor makes them the best choice.

Vacuum cleaner- When it comes to cleaning dirt in your house, nothing suits the task better than a vacuum cleaner. The powerful motors and suction mechanism in these gadgets help gather all the dirt and dust that might have accumulated inside your house.

All-purpose cleaners- These cleaning products are ideal for cleaning almost any space inside your house. As the name goes, they are all-purpose and can be used about anywhere.

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Office Cleaning

It is important for any business to take the help of a commercial cleaning service. It is never a good idea to forego such services as they may affect the way a company is viewed or its brand image. Moreover, a company means having a number of employees working at its office space, and it’s never a clever idea to compromise on the hygiene and cleanliness of a place that is frequented by so many people. Health and safety standards set by most of the governments make it mandatory for companies to keep a healthy and clean work environment. It is best to hand over these tasks to a commercial cleaning service provider, as this task gets handled in a professional and effortless manner.

The reason why every business should hire a commercial cleaning service

Importance of hiring a commercial cleaning service is as follows:

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  • Increased productivity- A cleaner work environment translates directly to higher productivity in the workplace. It is obvious that if your employees spend most of their time in cleaning up the mess in the workplace, they would spend less time in actually doing the job that they were hired for.

A clean work environment is beneficial for the company- Nobody wants to work for a company that cannot even keep its offices clean. The cleanliness of your company directly reflects the level of organization that it has. It also reflects the brand image of the company. Having a clean office also helps in attracting new clients who might visit your company for business purposes. There is no harm in attracting them with something other than your business skills.

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Commercial cleaners are experienced- Nothing beats experience when it comes to a job. Commercial cleaners have gained reputation and accreditation based on their work experience and they know what they are doing. Hence, it is ideal to let them do the job that they are experts in.

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Customer service is vital and we deeply understand. We take pride in making sure our clients have a wonderful experience using our brand. We work tirelessly to build strong bonds with our many clients throughout Tampa Bay Florida

Move Out Cleaning

The act of moving out of your house and settling in a new one can prove to be a labor intensive task when you take into account the part that requires sorting everything in place. Apart from that another fact that most people tend to overlook is the part about cleaning the house before moving out. Although it seems quite redundant to clean your house, since you are moving out anyway. However, the people who are going to move into your old house would want a clean and hygienic environment and it’s the least you can do for them. You definitely wouldn’t want to move into a house that has been left in a dilapidated state.

Another important reason why cleaning your house before moving out is important, involves the part where a security deposit has been made. If the people moving into your new house find it to be in a shabby condition you might lose the entire deal, which would cause unnecessary trouble to a completely settled situation.

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while cleaning your house before moving out. These things would help you in cleaning your house in a more efficient manner and even finding things that might be important to you but you had overlooked in the hustle of sorting everything.

While cleaning a house before moving out always remember to dust everything, clean the cabinets, countertops, sinks and kitchen appliances, scrub the toilets, bathtub and shower, wipe down the baseboards and vacuum the floor. If these things are followed perfectly, cleaning your house before moving out would seem like a walk in the park.

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It is important to take a step at a time- It is important to start with sorting out everything that you would need for cleaning your house before moving out. These things would be required in your new home anyway and hence wouldn’t go to waste. Some of the things that you might need include mops, buckets, dusters, disinfectants, scrubbers, cleaning cloth, glass cleaners, rubber gloves, and brushes.

Clean the bathrooms and kitchens- It is important to clean the bathrooms and kitchens as these are the places that people use the most in a house. Use bleach to clean the bathroom after having ventilated it properly. For the kitchen take the help of bleach for the tiles and disinfectants and scrubbers for everywhere else.

Clean the rooms- Be it the drawing room, bedroom or study of your house it is important to clean each and every corner of these places before you move out. Take the help of dusters to clean out any cobwebs. Use a vacuum after that to finish the job.

Remember to clean the walls- Nobody wants to walk into a house with shabby walls. Take good care of cleaning the walls and repainting them if necessary.

  • Also, clean the exterior- The exterior is the first thing that any new tenant would notice in your old house before opting to buy it. Hence it is important to not neglect them. De-clutter the lawn, sweep away accumulated leaves and clean the shed and garage. A pressure washer works great while cleaning the deck and patio.

Move In Cleaning

The Importance Of Cleaning Your House When You Move In

Moving into a new house or apartment can be an enthralling experience. It is the beginning of a new life in a new place and it is ideal to have everything sorted. Nobody wants to walk into a house and find it in a dirty state, or have ugly surprises after starting to live in it. Hence it is important to clean your new house or apartment in a thorough fashion before settling in. You never know what might be lurking in the corners and hence it is essential to clean every nook and cranny of your new house.

What to clean in your new house?

This segment sheds light on the few things that you should consider cleaning when you move into a new house. These include:

  • The kitchen and bathroom- The kitchen and bathroom are probably the most used parts of a house and hence it is very important to have them clean and hygienic before settling in. Take the help of a disinfectant or bleach in order to thoroughly cleanse every corner of the kitchen and the bathroom. Ventilate properly when using bleach.
  • Fridge and stove- The fridge and the stove are usually the places which clutter the heaviest of grime and grease. Use a heavy duty cloth and oven cleaner to clean the insides of the oven and the area underneath and behind it. Baking soda and water along with a sponge works great for the fridge.
  • Walls and floors- The walls and floors are the dimensions that make your house. It is important to get them cleaned with dusters and vacuum before settling in. This helps remove any accumulated dust or cobwebs that might make your new house dirty.
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