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The Meaning Of Deep House Cleaning

When one talks about cleaning, there are two different aspects to the whole action of cleaning your house. The first aspect can be regarded as regular cleaning which is undertaken almost every day, and the other is deep cleaning, which is done once every six months or so, in order to maintain a level of cleanliness in the house.

Regular cleaning usually involves mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom sink and kitchen. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is a completely different ball game and is often done at the time of moving in or out of a house. It is also called the end of tenancy cleaning.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning can be regarded as an intensive form of cleaning and it often involves eradicating the long-settled volume of dirt and grime in your house. It usually covers areas that are usually overlooked when we consider regular cleaning. The places that are usually cleaned during deep cleaning include:

    • The area that lies behind heavy appliances like the oven or the washing machine
    • The area under the sink
    • The area that lies inside the oven which also includes the door glass of the oven
    • The inside and outside area of windows, window frames, and patio doors
    • Cleaning and washing of all the blinds in your home
    • A deep dusting off all the corners in your house in order to eradicate all the accumulated dirt and cobwebs
  • Removal of scales from tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, over the taps and shower heads.

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